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Asia the Cat and the Picnic Basket

( Here’s the newest Asia the Cat video that also features some playtime with Taco the Chubby Chihuahua (his blog is coming soon). By nature, cats are very curious animals. I know Asia always gets to her destination no matter how well it is blocked off to prevent her from getting there (i.e. basement). So it’s no surprise that when I put a picnic basket on the ground she had to know what was in it. It became a fun place for her to “hide”, rub against, and use as a launch for her play attacks against Taco. Well… you’ll see…

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Asia the Cat Playing with Dog’s Tail

(Asia The Cat) I think this is my favorite of the three videos so far. The dog is a black lab/chow mix that is a rescue dog (just like Asia was a rescue kitten). ┬áRecently Asia has become fascinated with the tail of Belle. It’s a big powerful dog tail. Asia the Cat likes to try and grab the tail whenever Belle walks by her. And when Belle lays down and wags her tail, Asia doesn’t miss the cue.

BTW – the video contains another cameo appearance by Taco the Chubby Chihuahua. My favorite clip in the video is when Taco walks into the camera view while Asia is playing with Belle’s tail, gives a “whatever” look, then walks on. In case you haven’t made the correlation between the two dog’s names yet, it is my favorite fast food place to eat… Taco Bell…

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Asia the Cat – Chasing the Flashing Ball

( As promised, here is the second video featuring Asia the Cat. This one features Asia the Cat playing with a flashing ball that she likes to roll around. You’ll also briefly see one of the dogs – Taco the Chubby Chihuahua. He’s in the fourth image in the title segment and does a quick walk by in the video. Asia and Taco the Chubby Chihuahua are starting to become more playful as future videos will show. This video, however, is all about Asia. Despite all of her health issues, she plays like any other cat and has a lot of fun doing so too. So here is Asia in “Chasing the Flashing Ball”…

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