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Asia Sees a Cat Neurologist

(Asia the Cat) Asia saw a cat neurologist on Thursday. Since before we got her from the rescue shelter, she had some slight balancing issues and displayed some not normal head movements. This is the second time she’s been to a vet in a week. The first was for her Cataracts, but they wanted to wait for the neurologist results before prescribing a treatment. In a few days we’ll know the results of the blood panel. She also got an x-ray and we’re waiting for an interpretation from the radiology technician. The gut feeling of the neurologist is that she does have a neurological issue that is probably congenital and likely won’t get worse.

One interesting discovery was in regards to the “bump on her head” that she’s had since being rescued. The doctors discovered it is a stray bone fragment that likely developed in her mom’s womb. They hadn’t seen anything like it before.

The staff at the clinic are used to seeing old cats, so Asia got a lot of love and attention because she’s young, energetic, and despite all of her problems, very cute.

So this poor kitten has gone through abandonment, serious ear mite infections (both ears), a full cataract in one eye and partial cataract in the other, and neurological issues. But she is greatly loved and as you’ll see in more videos being produced, she is a fun kitten. And an expensive one too! 🙂 .


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