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New Asia the Cat Video – Chasing the Track Ball

( Here is the newest Asia the Cat video. This one is themed to those tracks that have balls in them that cats like to push around.  Asia loves these things and she almost has as much fun trying to get the ball out (or off) of the track as she does just batting it around and chasing it. In one clip she actually bats the ball off of the track and I slowed it down in the following clip. Enjoy!

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Asia the Cat Chasing Laser Light

( This is the first video done with Asia. It is an edited video of what Asia loves to do most – chase laser lights. From reading this blog you are likely aware of the back story of Asia. She’s a rescue kitten. And like most young cats she loves to play and get into trouble. Her room even had to be “kitten proofed” for her protection. In this video, Asia shows off her love for chasing laser lights. Here is Asia…

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