Laser Lights and Cats

( Our YouTube video of Asia chasing a laser light has been getting a lot of views and is in the top 10 viewed pet videos in several countries even though its only been up two days. On the subject of laser lights and cats, today I received an email from a guy named Fred that I want to publicly respond to. The email stated:

“Don’t you know that you are abusing the animal and can cause eye damage?┬áVery sad. I pity you.”

Fred, I did my research before using a laser light for Asia to chase. The simple fact is that if you are exposing a laser light directly into a cat’s eyes for several seconds, yes you can damage it. The same goes for humans. But we don’t do that. No cat lover does that. A cat’s eyes cannot be damaged from chasing a laser light. ┬áThe laser light is one of the most popular cat toys around because it keeps them entertained and provides them with a lot of fun exercise. In addition, many veterinarians will recommend a laser light for various therapies. Others veterinarians recommend it for regular exercise. Laser lights have won many awards in the pet industry for their safe and entertaining value. Feel free to research this as it is very enlightening.