Cat Tips – Taking Care of a New Kitten

( When we brought Asia home, Salem Friends of Felines provided us with a sheet of tips for taking care of a new kitty. We will be sharing these tips with you in the weeks to come. Here are their first set of tips:

– It is most important to introduce your cat to where their litter box, food, and water will be kept. Introduce and reinforce the location as many times as necessary. Changing the location may confuse the cat and cause accidents. Be sure that if there is another cat in the home that it is not keeping your new kitty from access to the litter box (Asia Note: Asia has her own litter box). Keep the litter box clean. Many cats will not use a dirty litter box. Most of all be calm and patient with any issues involving the litter box.

– Many cats are afraid of the noise from the washer and dryer. If the litter box is placed in the laundry room, they might not want to use it and then “potty” elsewhere. Bad habits can be difficult to break.

– Covered litter boxes may also be a problem with some cats. We recommend using an open litter pan in the beginning. Make sure you use an adequately sized litter box, proportionate to the size of your new kitty, going up in size as the kitten grows.

– If another cat or dog has urinated in your home, your new kitty will be drawn to that location. Nature’s Miracle, or a 50/50 mix of white vinegar and water, and a thorough scrubbing is a good way to eliminate previous scents.

– We recommend that water and food bowls not be plastic, as plastic has been shown to cause chin conditions and can emit dangerous chemicals into food and water. Ceramic, metal and glass are best.

Asia Notes
With Asia, we provided her with her own litter box in its own location away from the other cat. In our first two weeks of owning her, she’s only had one accident.