Should Asia Be Renamed?

( The last few days, Asia has decided that she wants to be a Superhero and her superpower is speed. Kitty food feeds her superpower and then she’s off doing a 100-yard dash in two seconds. One second you see her. The next you don’t. I’d take a picture and show it to you, but every time I try, it’s just a blur going across the picture frame. And that’s taking the photo in sports action mode! So I’ve been thinking of renaming her from Asia to Spaz. She’s no longer that nice tranquil quiet peaceful kitty. Now it’s about how fast she can run, how high she can jump, and how many times she can pull the kitchen curtains off their holder. She’s a Spaz. A very lovable Spaz. Her name will continue to be Asia, but lately I’ve been calling her Spaz. It might stick as her nickname.