Asia the Funny Cat is all about a cat named Asia. Asia is a rescue shelter kitten that was rescued from the middle of a field in Salem, Oregon. The kitten, who the staff named Asia – a name we kept – had mites in her ear and a condition with one of her eyes. It’s suspected she may also have some neurological issues. But Asia is nothing but a bundle of love, fun, curiosity, and independence. In other words, a typical cat! She was adopted in early 2010 and became an instant member of the family. Asia has a “sister”, Sassy (older cat), and two dog friends – Belle and Chewbacca the Chubby Chihuahua. She also has a rat friend named Salt (unfortunately Salt’s sister, Pepper, just recently passed away).

This blog follows the adventures of Asia as she grows from kittenhood to adulthood. This will be chronicled through video, posts, and pictures. You can follow Asia here and also on Twitter and YouTube. Asia’s Twitter account is http://twitter.com/asiathefunnycat . Her YouTube channel is