New Asia the Cat Video – Chasing the Track Ball

( Here is the newest Asia the Cat video. This one is themed to those tracks that have balls in them that cats like to push around.  Asia loves these things and she almost has as much fun trying to get the ball out (or off) of the track as she does just batting it around and chasing it. In one clip she actually bats the ball off of the track and I slowed it down in the following clip. Enjoy!

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Asia the Cat and the Picnic Basket

( Here’s the newest Asia the Cat video that also features some playtime with Taco the Chubby Chihuahua (his blog is coming soon). By nature, cats are very curious animals. I know Asia always gets to her destination no matter how well it is blocked off to prevent her from getting there (i.e. basement). So it’s no surprise that when I put a picnic basket on the ground she had to know what was in it. It became a fun place for her to “hide”, rub against, and use as a launch for her play attacks against Taco. Well… you’ll see…

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Another New Asia Video Tomorrow

( Tomorrow (Tuesday) we’ll be releasing another Asia The Cat video. We have it down to about one a week now. Since getting Asia earlier last month, I’ve taken about 8 hours of video footage of her. Taco the Chubby Chihuahua is becoming an increasing source of entertainment for her. So he’ll be popping up more and more in her videos. The one being released tomorrow is called “Asia and the Picnic Basket”. It should be up by 9am Pacific Standard Time.

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Asia the Cat Playing with Dog’s Tail

(Asia The Cat) I think this is my favorite of the three videos so far. The dog is a black lab/chow mix that is a rescue dog (just like Asia was a rescue kitten).  Recently Asia has become fascinated with the tail of Belle. It’s a big powerful dog tail. Asia the Cat likes to try and grab the tail whenever Belle walks by her. And when Belle lays down and wags her tail, Asia doesn’t miss the cue.

BTW – the video contains another cameo appearance by Taco the Chubby Chihuahua. My favorite clip in the video is when Taco walks into the camera view while Asia is playing with Belle’s tail, gives a “whatever” look, then walks on. In case you haven’t made the correlation between the two dog’s names yet, it is my favorite fast food place to eat… Taco Bell…

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New Asia the Cat Video Tomorrow

( I just completed another Asia The Cat video and will be posting it tomorrow. I think this one is my favorite. Asia’s older dog sister is a lab/chow mix named Belle (the name given her at the rescue shelter we got her from). Belle has a very powerful tail that has knocked down and broken many things. When she wags it, it’s lethal. Well Asia has found Belle’s tail to be a great playtime activity. So I filmed it, edited it, and will be uploading it tomorrow. Until then…

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Asia and the Kitten Food

( So Asia has this funny quirk when it comes to her food. As she eats the food, a good portion will spill over onto the pad the food is on. She’ll eat everything out of the bowl, but will refuse to eat any food that has spilled over. Then she’ll let you know you’re hungry and when you point to the pile of food outside the bowl, she looks at you like there’s nothing there. Put food in the bowl and she eats like she’s starving. It’s quite funny.

Do you have a cat that has some funny quirks? Things that really give the cat its own personality? I’d love to hear them. What’s your cat’s name and the quirkiest thing it does?


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Should Asia Be Renamed?

( The last few days, Asia has decided that she wants to be a Superhero and her superpower is speed. Kitty food feeds her superpower and then she’s off doing a 100-yard dash in two seconds. One second you see her. The next you don’t. I’d take a picture and show it to you, but every time I try, it’s just a blur going across the picture frame. And that’s taking the photo in sports action mode! So I’ve been thinking of renaming her from Asia to Spaz. She’s no longer that nice tranquil quiet peaceful kitty. Now it’s about how fast she can run, how high she can jump, and how many times she can pull the kitchen curtains off their holder. She’s a Spaz. A very lovable Spaz. Her name will continue to be Asia, but lately I’ve been calling her Spaz. It might stick as her nickname.

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Asia the Cat – Chasing the Flashing Ball

( As promised, here is the second video featuring Asia the Cat. This one features Asia the Cat playing with a flashing ball that she likes to roll around. You’ll also briefly see one of the dogs – Taco the Chubby Chihuahua. He’s in the fourth image in the title segment and does a quick walk by in the video. Asia and Taco the Chubby Chihuahua are starting to become more playful as future videos will show. This video, however, is all about Asia. Despite all of her health issues, she plays like any other cat and has a lot of fun doing so too. So here is Asia in “Chasing the Flashing Ball”…

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Asia the Cat New Video Tomorrow

( Asia the Cat has a new video coming out early tomorrow morning. This one is titled “Chasing the Flashing Ball”. She also has a new video title intro that will appear on all of her videos from here on out. Considering all of our medical issues, Asia is doing absolutely great. As you’ll see in the video she loves to play and doesn’t know (or think) that anything is wrong with her.

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Asia Sees a Cat Neurologist

(Asia the Cat) Asia saw a cat neurologist on Thursday. Since before we got her from the rescue shelter, she had some slight balancing issues and displayed some not normal head movements. This is the second time she’s been to a vet in a week. The first was for her Cataracts, but they wanted to wait for the neurologist results before prescribing a treatment. In a few days we’ll know the results of the blood panel. She also got an x-ray and we’re waiting for an interpretation from the radiology technician. The gut feeling of the neurologist is that she does have a neurological issue that is probably congenital and likely won’t get worse.

One interesting discovery was in regards to the “bump on her head” that she’s had since being rescued. The doctors discovered it is a stray bone fragment that likely developed in her mom’s womb. They hadn’t seen anything like it before.

The staff at the clinic are used to seeing old cats, so Asia got a lot of love and attention because she’s young, energetic, and despite all of her problems, very cute.

So this poor kitten has gone through abandonment, serious ear mite infections (both ears), a full cataract in one eye and partial cataract in the other, and neurological issues. But she is greatly loved and as you’ll see in more videos being produced, she is a fun kitten. And an expensive one too! 🙂 .


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